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Bumper Trico-Compost – জৈব সার 1KG


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Bumper Trico-Compost – জৈব সার

Material: Carbon nitrogen ratio (max) 20:1, organic carbon 10-25%, pH value – 6.0-8.5, moisture (max) 15-20%, nitrogen 0.5-4.0%, phosphorus – 0.5-3% potassium – 0.5-3.0% and other nutrients.

Application: In case of normal crops, 50-60 kg per bigha should be applied in final tillage or as per crop requirement. In case of vegetable crops, 60-80 kg per bigha should be applied in the final tillage or as per crop requirement. For fruit trees or trees, 2-3 kg per tree at the time of planting and 2-5 kg should be applied 2 times a year depending on the age in a round circle before the onset of monsoon and winter in older trees.

Benefits: Bumper Tricho-Compost helps to rapidly fertilize infertile soil by increasing the number of Trichoderma and other beneficial microorganisms living in the soil. By improving the structure and texture of the soil, it increases the water holding capacity, prevents water wastage and reduces the cost of irrigation, thereby saving the farmer money. Able to control soil acidity, salinity, toxicity etc. Tricho-compost improves the environment by discouraging the use of chemical pesticides by controlling soil and crop diseases and multiplies the potential for toxin-free food crop production. At least 20-25% of chemical fertilizers are saved due to the presence of nutrients required by the plants, thus reducing the production cost of the farmer. It helps in increasing the income of farmers by increasing the production and quality of crops. Order Now

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Bumper Trico-CompostBumper Trico-Compost – জৈব সার 1KG
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