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Bid farewell to meager bean yields and embrace the breakthrough F1 HYBRID JACK BEAN (BARI-1) variety, meticulously developed to revolutionize your agricultural endeavors. Renowned for its exceptional yield potential, BARI-1 beans stand as a testament to agricultural innovation, promising to transform your bean cultivation experience.

F1 HYBRID JACK BEAN (BARI-1) stand out amongst their peers, boasting an impressive yield potential of up to 2.5 tons per hectare. This remarkable feat is attributed to the variety’s inherent vigor and adaptability to diverse agro-ecological conditions.

Disease Resistance for Enhanced Protection:

Clad in a robust armor of disease resistance, BARI-1 beans effectively combat a spectrum of common bean ailments, including Bean Rust, Bean Mosaic Virus, and Anthracnose. This resilience translates into reduced reliance on pesticides, safeguarding both your crops and the environment.

Net Wt : 06 seeds
MRP : 99 TK


Adaptability to Diverse Environments:

BARI-1 beans exhibit remarkable adaptability, thriving across a wide range of climatic zones and soil types. From the arid plains to the lush valleys, BARI-1 beans seamlessly integrate into various agricultural landscapes, ensuring consistent productivity.

Cultivation Practices for Optimal Growth:

To harness the full potential of F1 HYBRID JACK BARI-1 beans, embrace these cultivation practices:

Soil Preparation: Ensure well-drained, loamy soil with a pH ranging from 6.0 to 6.8.

Planting: Sow BARI-1 bean seeds at a depth of 2-3 cm, maintaining a spacing of 30-40 cm between rows.

Watering: Provide regular irrigation, ensuring the soil remains moist but not waterlogged.

Fertilization: Apply a balanced fertilizer mix during the vegetative and flowering stages.

Weed Control: Implement timely weed control measures to prevent competition for nutrients and sunlight.

Harvesting for Bountiful Yields:

When the pods turn yellow and the beans inside are fully developed, it’s time to harvest your BARI-1 beans. Harvest carefully to avoid damaging the delicate plants.

With their exceptional yield potential, disease resistance, and adaptability,F1 HYBRID JACK BARI-1 beans stand as a beacon of agricultural innovation, empowering farmers to achieve remarkable harvests. Embrace F1 HYBRID JACK BEANS (BARI-1) and embark on a journey of agricultural prosperity.

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