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Hybrid Bitter Gourd Seeds – হাইব্রীড জাতের করলা বীজ

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করলা শরীরে রোগ প্রতিরোধক্ষমতা বাড়ায় এবং শরীরকে সংক্রমণের বিরুদ্ধে লড়তে সাহায্য করে। করলায় রয়েছে রক্তে চিনি কমানোর উপাদান। ডায়াবেটিস রোগীরা রক্তে চিনির পরিমাণ নিয়ন্ত্রণে নিয়মিত করলা খেতে পারেন। পানির সঙ্গে মধু ও করলার রস মিশিয়ে খেলে অ্যাজমা, ব্রঙ্কাইটিস, শ্বাসরোগ ও গলার প্রদাহে উপকার পাওয়া যায়।



Product Name: Hybrid Bitter Gourd Seeds

Hybrid Bitter Gourd Seeds is a premium variety of bitter gourd that is developed through the cross-breeding of two different bitter gourd varieties. This hybrid variety produces fruits with a bitter taste and is commonly used in a variety of dishes for its unique flavor.


High yield potential: The Hybrid Bitter Gourd is a vigorous grower and has the potential to produce high yields of fruits per plant.
Disease-resistant: This variety is resistant to common diseases that affect bitter gourds, making it a reliable choice for cultivation.
Uniform fruit size and shape: The fruits of Hybrid Bitter Gourd are uniform in size and shape, making it easier to package and transport.
Easy to grow: This hybrid variety is relatively easy to grow and requires minimal maintenance.
Unique flavor: The fruits of this variety have a distinctive bitter taste that is highly sought after in many Asian cuisines.
Planting Guide:

Truthful label
Physical Purity: 98% (Min)
Germination: 80% (Min)
Genetic purity: 95% (Min)

Soil: The Hybrid Bitter Gourd requires well-drained soil with a pH between 6.0 to 6.8.
Sunlight: This variety prefers full sunlight exposure for optimal growth.
Planting: Sow the seeds directly in the soil or in pots, spacing them about 2-3 feet apart.
Watering: Water regularly to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged.
Fertilizer: Apply a balanced fertilizer during the growing season.
Package Includes:

10 seeds of Hybrid Bitter Gourd
Store the seeds in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Overall, Hybrid Bitter Gourd Seeds is a premium variety that is highly valued for its unique bitter taste and high yield potential. With its disease resistance, uniform fruit size and shape, and easy cultivation, it is a valuable addition to any vegetable garden.

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Hybrid Bitter gourd seedHybrid Bitter Gourd Seeds – হাইব্রীড জাতের করলা বীজ
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